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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these scanned images?

No, all images are created using Paint Shop Pro 6 & 7 and a Wacom tablet. Usually with brush settings of 4 or less. I use the push brush and the air brush quite a bit. Sometimes I use the clone brush to recreate larger areas of detail after doing a smaller area.

Are the paintings original?

Yes, they are original in the sense that they were created entirely by me and are not copies. I do get the subject matter from photographs, calenders or photos of paintings and the basic theme may be the same but they are not copies. For instance the painting of Yosemite was inspired by a reproduction of Yosemite Valley by Albert Bierstadt 1866. The original is at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Mine is somewhat similar in perspective and subject but is quite different overall.

How did you learn to do this? Are you a professional artist?

No, not hardly, I've never had any real training or courses other than the usual high school art class.  I started by downloading a trial version of Paint Shop Pro and then downloading Al Dawson's tutorials at Jasc's website, there I discovered a lot of the techniques that I use. Many thanks to Al Dawson for letting people in on many of the techniques he has developed.

Can I save a picture from your site to use as a wallpaper on my computer.

Sure feel free to download any painting you like for personal use, But if you use them in a web page I would appreciate a link. They may not turn out that well for printing because they have been resized to save space.

Are your paintings for sale?

They could be! Feel free to make an offer.

How long does it take to complete a painting?

Anywhere from 4 to 12 hrs depending on the amount of detail,  I tend to lose track of time while I'm working on one.

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